Improvement Projects

Over the coming months and years, we are determined to build the next generation electric grid that will support this generation of Puerto Ricans and the next.


projects initiated with FEMA


in critical investments

For decades, Puerto Rico experienced an unreliable and unstable energy system. In 2021, LUMA assumed operation of the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) system and committed to bringing real, lasting change to the electric grid.

To help address these long-standing energy infrastructure issues, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has committed historic funding to help upgrade Puerto Rico’s electric system and includes replacing streetlights, clearing vegetation and modernizing substations.

Progress Points

  • Initiated 383 FEMA projects, representing $11.2 billion in investments, with 122 projects completed or under construction.

  • Installed over 90,000 streetlights to increase safety and energy efficiency in communities as part of our historic FEMA-funded $1 billion Community Streetlight Initiative.

  • Initiated the modernization of 300 substations across Puerto Rico as part of LUMA’s Substation Modernization Initiative.

  • Cleared vegetation from over 4,500 miles of powerlines through our daily vegetation management program, and launched Puerto Rico’s Vegetation Safety and Reliability Initiative to clear another 16,000+ miles across the island.

In September 2023, LUMA announced our bold “Building a Better Energy Future” work plan to improve reliability, reduce outages and increase customer services and community safety through a series of major projects and island-wide initiatives. To see what LUMA has planned to continue our progress over the months and years to come, read more here.