Substation Modernization Initiative

As part of our Substation Modernization Initiative (SMI), we are working to restore and fully rebuild critical substations across Puerto Rico. This FEMA-funded initiative will increase the safety of our operations, reduce outages and improve energy reliability across the system for all our customers.


in FEMA funds already approved 


reconstructions and upgrades started or completed

LUMA is committed to making infrastructure improvements every day to build the electric grid that Puerto Rico deserves.

As part of these efforts to increase system reliability, we’ve cleared over 30 tons of vegetation from all 354 substations across the island. To date, we’ve also restored three substations, including one that had not been in operation since 2010.

Historic progress is underway with substation modernization efforts across the island, including:

  • Aguirre   
  • Añasco           
  • Culebra
  • Cataño
  • Daguao
  • El Conquistador
  • Guánica
  • Maunabo
  • Monacillo
  • Mora
  • Rio Grande Estates
  • Sabana Llana
  • Venezuela
  • Vieques

Substations connect transmission and distribution lines throughout the island, reducing high voltage from transmission lines to low voltage distribution lines that bring power to homes and businesses.

To learn more about our ongoing substation modernization work, please visit our recent press releases.