Sustainable Energy Transformation

Clean energy is the future. That is why we are accelerating the growth of clean and renewable energy now and in the months and years ahead. 


new Net Energy Metering connections


medium-scale renewable distribution projects


new distributed grid services per month

Empowering a clean energy future begins with prioritizing sustainable solutions, such as rooftop solar or renewable distribution projects. Building a better energy future for Puerto Rico requires us all to work together to use more renewable energy at home, to power our vehicles or businesses, as well as to generate energy.

Progress Points

  • We have taken steps to address the existing backlog of solar hookup requests and have increased our response speed by 700%.
  • LUMA is supporting Puerto Rico’s “tranche 1” renewable procurement plan.
  • LUMA is also working with three other utility scale wind and solar energy facilities, totaling over 844 MW, to interconnect them safely to the grid as soon as possible.

To help improve the energy infrastructure, LUMA has identified and selected a set of near-term projects that are expected to start project execution and construction within the next three years. Overall, these capital projects will represent $7.2 billion of the $10.7 billion and will employ thousands across every municipality in Puerto Rico. Best of all these capital projects will help build what our customers expect and deserve – a world class energy system.