Vegetation Management

Overgrown vegetation is the number one cause of outages and can pose a real threat to energy infrastructure. LUMA crews and contractors are working hard every day to clear vegetation near powerlines and equipment to increase system reliability and resiliency, focusing on areas of the highest risk.


miles of powerlines cleared


of substations cleared of hazardous vegetation

To provide better reliability to our 1.5 million customers, and as part of our efforts to rebuild, repair and transform the electric system, LUMA is prioritizing vegetation management throughout the island 365 days a year. We are prioritizing the most vulnerable areas and those that will have the greatest impact on reliability and resiliency.

In addition to ongoing vegetation management work, our crews have also cleared hazardous vegetation from 100% of substations across the island. They also patrolled and inspected 100% of 115 kv and 230 kv transmission lines throughout Puerto Rico using state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment.