Vegetation Management

Overgrown vegetation is responsible for more than 50% of outages in Puerto Rico and poses a real threat to energy infrastructure. LUMA crews and contractors are working hard every day to clear vegetation near powerlines and equipment to increase system reliability and resiliency, focusing on areas of the highest risk.


miles of powerlines cleared since June 2021


miles of powerlines will be cleared by the end of 2026


of substations cleared of hazardous vegetation since June 2021

To provide better reliability to our 1.5 million customers, and as part of our efforts to rebuild, repair and transform the electric system, LUMA is prioritizing vegetation management throughout the island 365 days a year. We are prioritizing the most vulnerable areas and those that will have the greatest impact on reliability and resiliency.

Puerto Rico’s Vegetation Clearing Initiative

In addition to daily vegetation management efforts, LUMA announced Puerto Rico’s Vegetation Clearing Initiative to address overgrown and hazardous vegetation across the island.

Over the next three years, LUMA will establish rights of way by clearing vegetation from all powerlines, substations and telecom sites and implementing intelligent vegetation tools.
5,700 miles in the first year 6,900 miles in 2025 The remaining portions of the system in 2026
More than 16,000 miles of T&D powerlines will be cleared of vegetation over an approximate three-year period

15% reduction in outage frequency is expected after the first year

35-45% reduction
in outage frequency is expected
after all three years