Pole Replacement

No matter where our customers call home, power poles are quite literally the backbone of the transmission and distribution system. After years of neglect, we are taking a series of actions to improve reliability by replacing poles.


poles replaced

Progress Points

  • A comprehensive inventory of powerline poles in Puerto Rico has never been done before.
  • LUMA’s creation of the first-ever comprehensive inventory and assessment of the transmission and distribution system in Puerto Rico is part of the System Remediation Plan approved by the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB).
  • This massive undertaking will take several years to complete, but efforts are underway, and we continue to execute a comprehensive and accurate review and full inventory of every major asset on the system.
  • To date LUMA has replaced over 12,500 damaged or failing poles across Puerto Rico.

Since June 1, 2021, our experienced field crews are not only responding to pole failures throughout Puerto Rico, but surveying miles of powerlines to identify which poles need to be replaced to achieve a better energy system for all.

Every day LUMA repairs aging and failing power poles that impact our ability to provide our customers with the reliable service they deserve. To help prevent outages caused by faulty poles, we are using a science-based approach to inspect and identify critical repairs, so that we can prevent interruptions before they even happen

The process for replacing a pole can vary depending on the type of pole, location and parties involved. If the pole being replaced is a “joint pole,” meaning telecommunications providers are using the power pole to place equipment, we will coordinate with the provider directly. We will inform them if a pole needs to be removed and when the new pole will be installed. Telecommunications companies are responsible for placing equipment on the new poles. Once a pole is removed, LUMA crews will dispose of the pole in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If equipment from a third party is creating a safety concern, LUMA will take the necessary and appropriate actions to protect our customers and the public.