Watch Our Recent EV Compliance Hearing with the PREB

Building the Electric Vehicle (EV) future for Puerto Rico will depend on all of us – the people of Puerto Rico, equipment suppliers, the PREB, PREPA and other generators and LUMA – partnering and working together to map out this important future – one with cleaner and more efficient transportation driven by more EVs.

The PREB held a critical technical workshop in January, during which representatives from LUMA, EV experts, Puerto Rican solar businesses and PREB officials discussed the future of EVs in Puerto Rico.

“Whether it is determining how to build necessary EV infrastructure or addressing how to best ensure overall grid reliability, this is an important discussion, and we are excited to work together with our customers, community leaders and our regulators to help define this promising EV future.” – LUMA Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Stensby

Watch our recent EV compliance hearing with the PREB below:

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