Substation Modernization Project

To help transform Puerto Rico’s electric grid, LUMA proudly announced the historic first Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) funded modernization substation project for Puerto Rico. The approval of $24.4 million in federal funding will modernize the more than fifty-year-old Cataño substation. The Cataño substation project, which is scheduled to begin construction later in 2022, will increase reliability, improve resiliency, restore system functionality and will serve as a model for other substation improvement projects planned across the island over the coming months and years.

In addition to Cataño, LUMA also announced that six additional substation improvement projects, representing more than $47 million in federal funds, are nearing their final FEMA approval. In total, these critical substation projects will help further LUMA’s goal of building a more reliable and resilient electric grid.

Additional FEMA funding approvals of other critical infrastructure projects are expected to be announced over the coming weeks and months.

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