Resources Deployed

Ahead of Hurricane Fiona making landfall, LUMA prepositioned crews, resources and materials across the island to respond more quickly and effectively to the devastations.


utility workers





Emergency Operations

LUMA coordinated its historic Hurricane Fiona response and restoration efforts through the activation of the LUMA Emergency Operations Center (LEOC) and its six Regional Operation Command Centers (ROCCs) across the island.

These command centers operated 24 hours a day seven days a week coordinating the company’s emergency response and power restoration efforts while following the Incident Command Structure laid out in LUMA’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

Employees and Contractors

As restoration efforts progressed following Hurricane Fiona and the hardest hit areas became accessible, LUMA deployed crews and contractors to prioritize restoration in the southern and western regions.


LUMA deployed a variety of over 2,500 specialized vehicles designed to support restoration efforts in Puerto Rico’s challenging and diverse terrain. These vehicles were key when accessing remote or isolated communities.


LUMA had over $130 million in on-hand inventory for emergency response operations. These materials helped launch the initial recovery effort and were key to ensuring a rapid response. The total materials issued are found here.