Preliminary Damage Assessments

After Hurricane Fiona, LUMA immediately began preliminary damage assessments to determine the scope and extent of damage the storm had on the system. Preliminary estimates indicated that approximately 50% of the island’s electric grid incurred damage.


of distribution feeders sustained damage


of transmission lines sustained damage


substations submerged

6,000 Preliminary Damage Assessments

Following Hurricane Fiona, in a historic first for Puerto Rico, LUMA publicly released an online interactive damage map that shows the extent of damage Puerto Rico’s electric transmission and distribution system sustained following the impact of Hurricane Fiona.

This Hurricane Fiona Damage Map provides an overview of the more than 6,000 damage assessments completed in the immediate days following Fiona and includes photographic evidence showcasing the significant effect and damage that Fiona, and the 100 mph winds and 30+ inches of rain had on the electric system across Puerto Rico.

Access LUMA’s interactive online Hurricane Fiona Damage Map by visiting:

Aerial Patrols

As part of LUMA’s Hurricane Fiona response, LUMA aviation crews patrolled critical electric infrastructure assessing damage, performing repairs in areas with remote and difficult terrain and provided support to LUMA utility crews, expediting restoration efforts. Below is a visualization of these patrols throughout the entirety of the response efforts.

Aerial Patrols

Examples of Hurricane Fiona Damage

Hurricane Fiona was a serious category 1 hurricane that brought widespread damage across Puerto Rico including electric infrastructure, flooding substations, washing out roads and more. Below are examples of the significant devastation seen across Puerto Rico.