Community Reliability Improvement Program

LUMA understands how important reliability is, and we want to improve the energy system, so every community has reliable energy now – and for years to come. 


reduction in outages experienced by customers


poles replaced


of substations cleared of hazardous vegetation

With our Community Reliability Improvement Program, LUMA is aggressively responding to and addressing the root causes of power outages to improve reliability, stability and keep the lights on for all our customers.

By taking targeted actions, we are strengthening the entire grid system. Whether its removing hazardous vegetation or replacing equipment, all of these critical actions will help improve long-term resiliency, reduce outages and achieve what our customers deserve – energy reliability, every day.


Progress Points

  • We’re replacing and upgrading essential pieces of equipment including dozens of critical distribution breakers.
  • We’re restoring equipment, including one substation that had not been in operation since 2010.
  • We’re focusing our work on the areas with the most frequent outages using a data-driven approach.
  • We’re investigating and compiling a list of assets/equipment that are negatively impacting grid reliability.

LUMA is surveying and replacing power poles throughout Puerto Rico to improve reliability and resiliency.

Substations are a critical part of the electric system, LUMA is doing everything we can to make sure they are restored and functioning properly across the island.

LUMA is working to ensure electric equipment is clear from trees and other vegetation to improve safety and reliability.