LUMA Launches Hosting Capacity Dashboard

Since October 2021, LUMA customers have had access to Puerto Rico’s hosting capacity dashboard, allowing them to see the capacity of the grid in their area and its ability to accept further solar and renewable energy installations. The map allows clients and developers to enter a specific address to verify if a distribution circuit (feeder) has room to accommodate additional projects without causing voltage surges or interruptions to the island’s electrical grid.

LUMA compiled the available system data, organized and maintained by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and developed the map to provide visibility of the electrical distribution system capacity. Distributed generation resources include solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) or a combination of solar photovoltaic and the energy storage system. LUMA encourages customers and developers to use this reference information to validate the feasibility of interconnection at a specific location.

The map can be found here or under the “Residential” menu in the “Renewable Energy” section of

Note: The technology, legal and regulatory considerations that apply to interconnection of solar generation and other distributed energy resources are complex and constantly evolving. The map(s) and information provided herein are for reference purposes only.

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