LUMA Inspects and Restores Substations Across Puerto Rico

When LUMA assumed operations of the transmission and distribution system in June of 2021, it inherited an extremely fragile system that had suffered from years – if not decades – of mismanagement and neglect. Despite being in poorer condition than previously known, LUMA crews got right to work addressing major issues affecting the systems resiliency and reliability. This included clearing more than 30 tons of vegetation from existing substations on the island and restoring operations to three substations, one of which had not been functioning since 2010.

Over the coming year, LUMA will continue its process with restoring and rebuilding substations by turning its focus to the Cataño substation. With recent approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), LUMA will modernize the more than fifty-year-old Cataño substation. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year and will increase reliability, improve resiliency, restore system functionality and serve as a model for other substation improvement projects planned across the island over the coming months and years.

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