Expected Outcomes

LUMA’s continuing efforts to advance investments and partnerships with FEMA and other federal agencies will prove vital in helping LUMA build a more reliable, more resilient, more customer-focused and cleaner energy system for the people of Puerto Rico.

Through the implementation of these federally funded projects, LUMA will be able to address important needs in Puerto Rico, including modernizing and hardening substations for flood mitigation, key substations improvements to strengthen electrical service to Vieques and Culebra, and a series of repairs and security initiatives that will make the grid more secure and more reliable.

In addition, distribution and transmission pole projects will begin to replace the thousands of dilapidated utility poles with ones that meet current industry standards and will better withstand high winds and other hazards, and five streetlight projects will kick off an ambitious program to bring Puerto Rico’s public streetlight system to 21st century standards.

LUMA is also working with FEMA and other agencies to strengthen its emergency preparedness and response, including the adoption of FEMA’s National Incident Management System into LUMA’s own Emergency Response Plan.

Over the coming months and years, the FEMA-funded work will represent the largest capital energy program in Puerto Rico’s history, and one of the largest ever funded by the federal government.

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